The Peculiar Exploits of Brigadier Ffellowes
If you doubt the SUPERNATURAL exists... DARE to doubt the Brigadier


A lifetime of death-defying military missions and perilous espionage activities would prove more than enough for most heroes. For the enigmatic British adventurer Donald Ffellowes, however, it is but a footnote in a parallel career infinitely more extraordinary and terrifying.

For reasons unknown, no matter where he goes Ffellowes is fated to encounter bizarre and deadly forces that no longer belong in our modern world, always surviving by his iron nerve and years of training yet haunted by the certain knowledge that his companions will rarely be so fortunate.

But when a sinister lost race from before recorded history is summoned into the early 20th century by the megalomaniac brother of the woman he loves, Ffellowes must confront not only his supernatural foes but also the deadly nature of his very existence if the world – and his beloved – are to be saved...


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